Film Marketing & PR

Film Marketing & PR
We provide publicity and promotional activities to deliver any aspect of your content’s marketing strategy.  

Because we think creativity is the real currency in marketing, we tailor each campaign to fit your specific needs and build as much hype as possible to maximise your content’s visibility. 

 We help you meet the challenges of timeline and budget to ensure you are ahead of your game - every time. 
We will take care of promotion and publicity at any stage in a production’s timeline, from unit through to UK theatrical distribution and home entertainment.  We handle ongoing campaigns for major international films, stars and television shows.  
Our team is skilled in building campaigns through audience interface, print, broadcast, online and social media. 

 Our broad experience of working for production companies, broadcasters and online brands gives us a unique insight into how the various media platforms operate and allows us to elevate everything that we do.  
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